What wedding band? Now one marries tattoos!

Couples no longer only celebrate their marriages by civil, Catholic or some religion, now they also marry by ink! We tell you what this trend is about.

They say that diamonds are for life, that’s why engagement rings have this precious stone, although some now have emeralds; On the other hand, the rings or wedding bands are usually made of eternal metals, such as gold, silver or platinum… Well, that is already sent to collect, now couples seal their love with something that doesn’t go down the drain or be taken away by raponeros: tattoos!

We share with you 13 couples couples who decided to unite their lives with tattoos on their fingers, something that really is for life. Look at the photos and, if you are going to get married, consider whether or not this trend is for you…

Instead of rings, we go ink… #TattooRings pic.twitter.com/9v6Cq2lH2S

— Golden Throne (@MenphisEmpire) January 16, 2015

I can dig it 😉#tattoorings pic.twitter.com/z8BPF5q2nv

— Queen C (@SunkistGirl101) October 6, 2014

Would you be able to tattoo your wedding ring or your engagement ring? Tell us what you think in the comments of this note.