What to dress up according to your zodiac sign?

Find your zodiac sign and find out which costume you should wear this Halloween… Zodiac triqui-triqui!


You are a full-time leader, but very impulsive. As with all great power comes great responsibility, you must disguise yourself as superheroine


You are persevering and very responsible, but sometimes you try too hard, that’s why the ideal costume for you is that of classic disney princessthe perfect girl!



Although your way of being is peculiar, but you cannot avoid being dual, having two opposite faces, like the ancient gods, so dress up as a modern version of a mythological character


You are very emotional and always follow your heart before your head, that’s why you should dress up as rag dollabsolute cuteness!


You are very sure of yourself, that’s why you, like no other, can wear a sensual and revealing costume, like that of Catwoman


You are a very realistic person, aware of your position in the world, so dress up as little devilmore earthly impossible!


You are balanced, so you constantly seek stability. For this Halloween you must dress up as a woman with power in her hands, like a politics or a queen


Don’t deny it, you’re complicated. You are not «found» anywhere and as soon as you get something, you like something else. Dress up as an antihero, like a girl from the X Men


You are risky: nothing attracts you like the unknown, that’s why you should dress up as dark characters from horror movies, like Annabelle


You are realistic, with you things are either black or white, no gray! You should dress up as classic witch


You need to feel free, you can’t deal with being tied up and committed, that’s why you have to dress up as butterfly, dragonfly or some bird



You are incredibly dreamy, you practically live in another world! That’s why you should dress up as the best-known exotic being: a siren

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Tell us, do you already know what you are going to dress up as this Halloween?