What to do & when to put to sleep?

Eventually every dog ​​gets old. Often he goes lost appetite and an old dog doesn’t eat that much anymore.

reasons can for this declining sense of smell, aching Teeth or one serious illness of the internal organs.

You definitely should fathom, if your old dog is not eating properly anymore. This article will help you identify the cause.

In a nutshell: Why is my old dog not eating anymore?

If your old dog stops eating and throws up, it can be due to reasons such as nausea, toothachediseases of the liver, stomach or kidneys or dementia lay.

But there are also general malaise, constipation or decreased sense of smell and taste in question.

Old dog no longer eats – possible causes

Finding the cause of your four-legged friend’s loss of appetite is that A and O. You can only help him if you know why your old dog stops eating and even vomits.

In the following we go through the possible ones causes after and offer you solutions how to deal with it when your old dog no longer eats properly.


As with humans, your four-legged friend’s will deteriorate over the course of life Teeth.

tartar forms, that gums becomes inflamed, teeth become ailing and fall out.

Always check that denture your dog. do you ask loose Teeth solid or redness of gumsshow this to your vet.

nausea and pain

A disease of stomachthe liver or the kidneys leads to malaise, Vomit and Pains.

Based on a blood test and examination of the general condition by your vet should be able to find the reasons.

Decreased sense of smell and taste

Maybe you know that phenomenon yourself: Your nose no longer works properly when you have a cold. This also affects the sense of taste.

You hardly taste anything anymore. That takes everyone appetite.

yours animal companion it’s the same. Your old dog won’t eat properly if he can’t smell or taste anything.


Your dog often drinks too little as it gets older. This inevitably leads to a constipationbecause fluid is lacking to soften the stool.

causing constipation malaise and stomach pain. No wonder your senior doesn’t want to eat.


Dementia is another reason why your old dog won’t eat. your senior forgets the food easy.

Changed energy demand

The energy demand of the dog decreases with age. Consequence: Your old dog no longer eats and only sleeps.

After activity, his body needs a longer time to heal Regenerate than at a young age.

But if your dog doesn’t eat at all and only sleeps, you should do this Behave be sure to clarify.

Is it dangerous if my old dog stops eating?

This question is with a clear YES! to answer. Especially if your dog doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink and sleeps a lot!

Your dog takes over the food carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and fiber on. His organism urgently needs this.

If your senior does not want to eat, this will inevitably lead to violent ones deficiency symptoms.

The weight loss and the dehydrationif your old dog doesn’t drink enough either, can lead to death.

What can I do for my old dog if he no longer eats?

Does your vet have them all? organic causes ruled out, you have to get inventive.

  • Does your dog get dry food? Soften it with something waterpure.
  • Turn the food on Game. For example, hide the food in the sniffer carpet
  • replace Dry food with wet food
  • feed small amounts
  • vary in the feeding times
  • Surprise your senior with always new flavors
  • Feed your old dog out of hand
  • Stimulate your senior’s appetite walks and play units at
  • Refine the dog food with Quark, cottage cheese and salmon oil

When should I see my vet if my old dog won’t eat?

Generally you should always take your dog to a veterinarian if they stop eating properly.

Does your senior only wear it once? a or two days no appetite and then eats normally again, a trip to the vet is not necessary immediately.

But there are other symptoms like pain or disorientation, you should take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

If your old dog isn’t eating or drinking anymore, you should see the doc real quick.

Good to know

One more trip to the vet is not bad. Caution before indulgence!

Old dog no longer eats – when to put it to sleep?

When it’s time, when your old dog has stopped eating, to have him put down is always individually.

If he just vegetates or is tormented, you should him redeem.

Your dog is absolutely not allowed to excruciating to starve or with Pains perish go.


A good vet will always be at your side with advice and action in the difficult decision!


Feeding old dogs is often difficult. Does your elderly four-legged friend complain and doesn’t really want to get close to him food bowl?

Have your vet check out your senior first organic everything is fine.

If so, get inventive to feed your furry friend «tasty» close!

Do you have a senior yourself? What do you have for tricks used to make his food taste good again? Tell us about it and leave a comment!