What to do, home remedies & causes (guide)

If your dog sheds, that’s in one normal to some extent. Does your dog shed extremely? Then there can be various reasons.

If your dog has extreme hair and additional symptoms of illness show up, be sure to visit a veterinarian!

We have examine the causes and researched treatment options for you.

In a nutshell: Dog sheds extremely – what can I do about it?

If your dog is extremely shedding, you can depending on Caused reduce shedding with coat care, nutrition and medical research into causes and treatment.

We have you here a little overview compiled from causes of extreme hair and ways to stop it:

  • due to breed
    Here only helps continuous grooming.
  • parasites How fleas, mites and a fungus
    On the other hand, there are corresponding Medicines, sprays and tinctures
  • Wrong diet
    The lining your dog switch.
  • stress
    A relaxed Surroundings create.
  • hormonal anomaly
    root cause analysis operate
  • allergies
    trigger find.

Possible causes: Why is my dog ​​shedding so much?

How much your dog sheds can depend on his race be due. There is also some medical reasons.

due to breed

There are dog breeds that shed more than others. That depends with the different texture of the fur together.


However, make sure not to other triggers are the reason for your dog’s extreme shedding. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian.

Continuous grooming helps here. Also the addition of nutritional supplement such as omega 3 and calcium are said to reduce shedding.

parasites and fungi

fleas, mites and also skin fungi trigger itchy and scaly skin.

help here Middle against the corresponding parasites or a ablution with a antifungal. You can get them from the vet or in specialist shops.

Good to know

Make sure that with parasites that too environment of your dog (basket, blanket, toy…) needs to be treated or washed.

Hormonal abnormality

Something wrong with that hormone balance If your dog doesn’t, this is also reflected in his fur. The cause can be tumors, for example.

Don’t do that checked by a veterinarian and treat.

Cushing’s Syndrome

This metabolic disease can also cause your four-legged friend to lose more fur. Clarified by the vet, she can well treated with medication become.

Dog sheds extremely: You can do that

As a dog owner, you can of course also help your darling with all his hair. Below there is a couple of good choices.

Dog sheds extremely: home remedies that help

As a dog owner, you’re probably the first to grab it proven home remedies. Which ones help you with your dog’s hair?

to brush

The best home remedies against extreme hair is: brushing, brushing and brushing again.

Through regular to brush you reduce your dog’s hair loss. If a balanced diet rich in vital substances is added to this, the loss of fur is reduced.

brewer’s yeast

If you give your furry friend a yeast tablet put in the feed, the minerals regulate hair loss.

zinc and biotin

These nutrients strengthen the immune system and support the change of coat.


Put one metabolic disease behind the large loss of hair, this is also reflected much thirst, fatigue and irritability.

In this case, the homeopathy help. sodium muriaticum D 30 or Schuessler salts can help here.

Dietary changes in dogs with extreme hair loss

Pay attention to the food your dog is given composition. This is important so that your dog, its fur and its skin are doing well.

Changing your diet can help reduce shedding

Does your dog get all the important ones minerals and vital substancesthis also has an effect on a healthy coat.

This is also one of them hair intensity positively affected.

This is what the change in diet looks like in concrete terms

Particularly Omega 3– and Omega-6 fatty acids your dog should consume in sufficient quantities.

These are in Linseed oil, safflower oil and in fish oils such as tuna oil and salmon oil.

These crank the cellular metabolism and give the skin elasticity.

Also proteins and healthy carbohydrates should not be missing from the diet.

Proper grooming

Regular grooming helps you punctual to see if everything is ok with the skin and fur of your favorite.

A beautiful shiny Fur indicates that your dog is doing well. blunt shaggy Fur can indicate poor nutrition or even serious diseases or parasites.

How often should you brush your dog?

Just after one Stroll You should brush your fur nose thoroughly in the woods and fields.

Small Twigs, burrs or even ticks you can remove it immediately. Also dirt residue are removed like this.

In the coat change daily brushing is a must. This is how you help your four-legged friend hair, knots, tangles and dander to get rid of.


The market is full of products for your dog’s coat, which always PH-level neutral must be so that your pet’s skin and fur are not attacked.

Whether you really need this depends on the respective situation away.

Brushes are usually sufficient normal dirt out of. Even if your dog is outside in the rain and mud.

Has your dog actually gotten himself into something disgusting rolled over (faeces or carrion), give him a quick shower.


each dog fur is different. And every dog ​​is different.

Why does your dog shed may indicate his race or a medical reason. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian for advice.

Do you have a fur nose that sheds extremely? How do you deal with it? Do you maybe have ainsider tip«?

Please leave one comment. So you can others dog owners help. We look forward to yours Experiences!