What the way of holding your hand reveals

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You don’t need lips to speak, that we know very well those of us who have understood everything that they can’t tell us just by feeling a hand tightly squeezing ours. Although it sounds like a story, it is something very serious, there is even a whole discipline dedicated to the study of body language, kinesics. Did you know that it is possible to determine how your partner’s love towards you is based on how they hold your hand? Take note!

intertwined fingers

It means that it is trapped between your legs, literally. Are addicted to making love to you that when he closes his eyes he can only think of your body…


This is the most common of holding hands when you have a stable partner and it means that he values ​​you very much and wants to protect you.


If he grabs your hand while you remain with a clenched fist (or takes you by the arm) it may mean that he fears a separation and doesn’t want to let you go.

forefinger and thumb

When you hold hands in the traditional way but with your index fingers and thumb intertwined, it means that he is very sure that you you are the woman of his life.


When his arms stay close together and he takes your whole hand (which you keep relaxed) inside his, it is a sure sign that he is going to propose to you or, if you are already married, he is more in love than ever.

crab type

The forearms are also very close together but with the fingers intertwined with each other means that feel threatened by a rival and he is jealous.

little fingers

Holding you by the hand like this means that he’s not quite sure how you feel about him.

Pinky versus index

If he uses his index finger to take your little finger, it means that he does not agree with many of the things that you do and I would like to change you.


When he takes your hand from the back, lacing his fingers with yours, it means that i wish i could control you but you don’t allow it.

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