What shade of hair suits me according to my eye color?

Do you want to change your ‘look’, but you don’t know which hair color will be the most flattering for you? Your eyes will tell you…

If you are afraid of using colors that do not define your personality or even encountering a change that you are not entirely sure of and with which you do not feel comfortable, fresh, it happens to all of us. Is the only clear thing you have is that you want to change your look?, you should take into account different factors, such as the color of your skin, your features or even the color of your eyes.

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What hair color suits you according to your eyes?
  • Green eyes: Try light brown or ash blonde, especially if you have fair skin. With these colors you will see how you will soften your face and soften the features.
  • Blue eyes: For blue eyes, a dark blonde with golden touches will be perfect to sweeten your face. If you want a change of look In short, opt for intense blacks and you will see how you enhance the tone of your eyes.
  • black eyes: The best thing in this case is to bet on intense black and brown colors, especially if you have tanned skin. Dark tones tend to harden features, so this color will be perfect if you want to leave your good-girl look behind.
  • Brown or honey eyes: Feel free to go for brown and chocolate hair colors if your eyes are warm brown. If you want to apply a color note, add to your look some highlights or highlights to obtain a contrast.

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Taken from: lookandfashion.hola.com