What rings to wear according to the shape of my hands?

There are fat hands, others skinny or elongated, large, small… And for each one there is a ring!

Almost all girls love rings; whether gold or silver, with precious stones or smooth ring type, few in our hands or more than one on each finger… The romance with this jewel has not shown signs of wanting to end.

But do we really know what rings to wear according to the different shapes of our hands? Because not all are the same, there is everything! That is why we answer this question here, and we give you practical examples.

  • short hands: If your fingers are very short, use thin rings with large stones (or designs) and a vertical oval shape (never round or horizontal oval), that way you will make your hands look more balanced and longer.
  • Long hands: If your fingers are too long, the opposite of the previous point, avoid vertically elongated stones, but continue to use large rings; say yes to horizontal round or oval stones.
  • chubby hands: Don’t be self-conscious about your chubby fingers! To visually balance your upper extremities, choose rings with square, triangular, polyhedral or asymmetrical shaped stones.
  • Thin, bony hands: Chunky multi-stone rings help steal the spotlight from knobby joints, the thing that bothers girls with skinny fingers the most.
  • Wrinkled hands with age spots: When your hands start to show signs of aging, like lots of wrinkles, blemishes, and sprouting veins, it’s time to recharge your ring fingers! Wear ostentatious rings, hopefully on each finger, that will divert the gaze towards them, and since you are mature, you will be very chic!

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