What questions to ask a man, get the best repertoire!

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know what questions to ask a man in a specific situation because you should only trust your intuition, to get the answers you want.

Nothing richer in interesting than being in that stage of flirting and conquest. That feeling of butterflies in the stomach is incredible and although it generates some fear to ask questions that can make a man think that it is silly, you have to have the courage to ask questions that open the way to get to know each other more deeply or to leave the topic on point and propitiate a next appointment.

At Vibra, we want to tell you what to ask a woman to avoid making a bear and also give you some alternatives so you can start a conversation with all the law and meet that man who may drive you crazy:

What questions to ask a man on the first date

There is no second chance for a first impression. Even if you feel nervous and something to ask doesn’t come to your mind, you must maintain control and not give papaya to get rid of. Always avoid reaching common places like saying, what do you like to do?, because those clichés can cool the situation. Get creative and ask things like, what’s your favorite perfume?, or ask for personal interest topics like their thoughts on various topics and situations that might seem funny and break the ice. Do not flatter him too much for his physical appearance for any reason, that will make him rise and begin to pretend about his personality.

What questions to ask a man in chat

Surely a relaxed chat will be the start of many more things. Be careful because digital communication is often misleading, so go step by step and take the initiative but without entering areas of excessive interest because the poor guy could run away. You could try very relaxed, non-binding, open-ended questions like these:

  • What makes you feel most proud?
  • What is freedom for you?
  • How would your perfect day be?
  • Would you go back to the past? Why?
  • What is your most vivid childhood memory?

What questions to ask to meet a man

You rarely get to know men fully. To get inside her head (or heart), you have to be like a private investigator, but not as noticeable. Men really like to be made to feel confident and for this reason, it may be good for you to know more about their family, their origins and their personal interests. You can ask him about his vision of the future, what his perception of his parents and/or siblings is and obviously, if you like him a lot, inquire about his intentions in love, about how he handles himself in a relationship and even be a front to question him if he wants to go out with you for dinner or coffee.

What questions to ask a man to win him over

This is definitely a definite step to get his attention and even make him notice you. Conquering a man requires having faith, but don’t be silly either because he remembers that the one who shows hunger, doesn’t eat. Be subtle but direct, they love women who do not beat around the bush, who have a lot of personality and who do not say yes to everything. Perhaps these questions can help you win her heart:

  • What would you do for me?
  • What role does love and affection play in your life?
  • What is the first thing you think of when you see me?
  • Do you think our personalities repel each other or merge?
  • Would you like our next outing to be as friends or as something else?

What daring questions can I ask a man?

Obviously, you also have to add a bit of mischief and fire to the story. Something that is very common and current is to think that being daring is just talking about sex. Think about it, he will be waiting for you to get to that topic to throw the dogs at you, but you can show him the craziest side of your personality without being explicit because surely when talking about topics that can be hot, the interest and the enigma could end very quickly. . Ask things like:

  • What 3 wishes would you ask a magic lamp?
  • Do you like my eyes or my mouth better?
  • If I gave you a choice, would you prefer a new date for dinner or a drink?
  • Do you think we like each other enough to love each other?
  • You like what you see?

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