What it costs to stay one night at Claudia Bahamón’s hotel

Claudia Bahamón had already shown her followers a few months ago her new project that was closely linked to the environmental issue.

It is a country hotel that, according to her on her social networks, is a «sacred place». It is called “El Bosque” and it has more than 12,000 trees that both Claudia and her family were in charge of planting with the sole objective of compensating for the damage that has been done to the planet.

At the moment, the place has 4 cabins that not only have the privilege of being surrounded by trees, but also have streams and the constant sound of birds. However, the followers of the presenter of the program «MasterChef Celebrity» had the doubt of knowing the price of a night in said hotel.

According to the Airbnb portal, staying in this place costs from $210,000 where you can enjoy nature. These are some of the most striking photographs of the hotel:

Where is Claudia Bahamón’s hotel?

El Bosque Hostel is located in the rural area of ​​Zuluaga, Huila.
+57 (321) 979-8053

Did you know that Claudia Bahamón had a hotel where you can enjoy a large forest?

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