What is verbena used for, a medicinal plant known for its properties

if you have wondered what is vervain used for. here we leave you some benefits that you can take advantage of this medicinal plant.

The verbena is known as the “miracle herb” Because it has many health benefits, its leaves are used to prepare drugs, creams and endless home remedies. So if you want to learn how to use this plant in the best possible way, here we tell you how to use it.

What is the verbena for and how is it

Verbena is an herb that is traditionally found in central and southern Europe. In ancient Rome it was used as a purifying element in houses to prevent bad energies from hindering the lives of the people who lived in that house. This plant has relaxing effects for the body and calming nerves that are very beneficial. In addition, it is characterized by its purifying effects on the body and kill bacteria found in the mouth.

What is the verbena for, what does it cure and how is it prepared?

Verbena is a medicinal plant that is also noted for its benefits for digestion, as well as relieving headaches, nervous tension and depression. Verbena is associated with many folklore rituals and was also used by fortune tellers. It can be used as an infusion where you only need to drink a cup 3 times a day as a digestive stimulant or when you have a fever. If what you want is to combat insomnia, you can have a cup at night before going to sleep.

What is the scent of verbena like?

The flowers exhale an appetizing aroma of lemon, although they also have broad aromatic nuances, between fruity and floral, making it extremely delicious.

Contraindications and risks of verbena

One of the main contraindications of verbena is during the gestation or pregnancy stage, as well as children under 12 years of age should not consume it. People with hypothyroidism should avoid ingesting vervain. Whatever the case, regardless of any of the above cases, the consumption of this medicinal plant, like others of the same type, is contraindicated for two continuous weeks.

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