What is thyme good for? The benefits you did not know

This is one of the most popular and preferred aromatic plants of many people, that’s why here we tell you what is thyme good for.

Thyme is a plant native to Mediterranean Europe, which stands out for its great health benefits. However, it is also an ingredient that is used as a condiment in some dishes. That is why here we tell you in detail all the uses that you can give to thyme.

What is thyme water for?

Thyme is par excellence a tranquilizer and a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps the body a lot. That is why an infusion of thyme is enough to fall asleep, avoid pain caused by menstruation or perform antispasmodic and analgesic functions.

In addition, thyme water also helps clean the respiratory tract, relieve colds, fight indigestion and is a natural disinfectant for wounds or cuts on the skin.

All you have to do is put a cup of water on a low heat with a tablespoon of thyme leaves and let it boil for 3 to 5 minutes. Then you must let it rest for a few minutes and finally you can drink this infusion that works miracles.

What is thyme used for in the kitchen?

Thyme is well known because it helps stimulate the appetite, it is also a very good option to enhance flavors and of course it helps to digest foods that are very heavy or have a high fat content.

However, when it comes to cooking, this aromatic plant is widely used as a condiment to marinate different types of food. Also, by putting thyme in foods, it helps prevent spoilage or spoilage by acting as a natural preservative. Thyme also works very well to flavor oils, wines, cheeses and vinaigrettes.

Cosmetic properties of thyme

Infusions and various recipes are not the only things that thyme can be involved in. This plant is also used to improve the composition of soaps, conditioners, facial cleansers and some creams. Products that are created thanks to the flower and leaves of thyme, which brings great benefits.

However, another good option is the essential oil of this plant that works very well to treat oily or combination skin and problems related to acne and scalp care.

Thyme to remove mold

Mold is an air pollutant that can be eliminated with a natural product such as thyme. It is only enough that you take advantage of thyme oil correctly, which has fungicidal properties thanks to one of its components, such as thymol. That is why it is a great disinfectant when mold problems are not so serious.

How is thyme cough remedy prepared?

You must put a cup of water to boil with several thyme leaves, once it is ready, you must put a tablespoon of honey and add the juice of a lemon. To see the results quickly, you have to take this home remedy twice a day (in the morning and at night before sleeping).

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