What is the totumo for, a number of uses that you did not know!

Not knowing what is the totumo for It’s normal, relax! This natural product is so old that it has served to help take care of the health of several generations in thousands of homes.

The totumo is a kind of natural element that is worshiped. This plant of Amazonian origin is often converted into extracts, oils or syrups that are used for home treatments against respiratory and stomach problems and even to disinfect wounds, believe it or not!

If you want to know what warm water with lemon is for or you want to know the best kept secrets of totumo for the care of our health, then you will love this article because it may give you information that you did not know:

What is the totumo for in the hair

This ancient product could be used in hair care masks, which would have among its greatest properties darkening the hair, serving as a dye against natural gray hair. Also, it is often used as a kind of conditioner to nourish the hair and make the hairpin disappear. Finally, there are those who apply it to stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. You could prepare an infusion with the green leaves of the totumo and apply it to damp hair, allowing it to act for about 15 minutes.

What is the totumo for on the skin?

This plant would also be attributed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for the dermis. Although there are no conclusive scientific studies, there are people who claim that the pure extract obtained from the bark of the totumo would be useful for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and dermatitis. Also, it could be effective in cleaning and disinfecting skin wounds, burns, and mosquito bites.

What is totumo syrup for?

This presentation of totumo is one of the most recognized in the market, especially when accompanied by honey. The syrup could become an adjuvant when it comes to the management of respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh, dry cough or phlegm, throat irritations such as tonsillitis, laryngitis and / or pharyngitis, in addition to common colds in which the chest hurts due to bad expectoration of phlegm. In health food stores and supermarkets you can get totumo, elderberry and honey syrups that could help you in these cases.

How to prepare totumo syrup to cleanse the lungs?

Within popular culture gourd syrup is prepared by making a mixture of water, sugar or honey and gourd pulp. This mixture should be heated until it reduces and thickens. You can add plants such as elderberry to improve results.

What is the totumo for as a medicinal plant?

On various occasions, the totumo plant in its purest version would be one of the ways in which respiratory conditions would be treated. Likewise, it would become very functional for cleansing the stomach using laxatives. Although these are over-the-counter products, it would be best to consult a specialist before ingesting them.

What is totumo water used for?

The infusions of water and totumo leaves would have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and analgesic effects. Very commonly, this drink is consumed to reduce flu discomfort such as nasal congestion, as well as cleaning skin wounds with this same mixture. Additionally, there are those who claim that this drink could even be applied in compresses on the joints or areas affected by diseases such as arthritis.

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