What is the real name of Carmen Villalobos?

You know what is the real name of Carmen Villalobos? Many Internet users were left with their mouths open after knowing this small detail in the life of this cheerful Barranquilla.

It is no secret to anyone that there are some names with better sound than others or that fit better with the image that a person wants to project. That is why in the world of entertainment it is normal for artists to change their names for more… commercial ones, to put it in some way.

What is the real name of Carmen Villalobos?

Although in this type of list there almost always appear figures from international entertainment whose stage names are more than well-known throughout the world, such as JBalvin and other reggaeton artists that we know do not use their real names.

However, there are other celebrities whose stage names we always think were also their real names and that happens with the actress Carmen Villalobos. Her name is well known for appearing as part of large casts, such as those of Without breasts, there is no paradise, Woman-fragranced coffee Y the end of paradiseamong others.

What few people remember is that she decided to change her real name to a stage nameas revealed on the show The Suso’s Show. In one of his chapters he confessed that it was the director Mario Ribero (secret flight, Nadia’s sonYOr am I Ugly Betty) who proposed that he change his stage name because, according to him, his real name was complicated and made it difficult for people to learn and remember it. Believe it or not, his full name is…

Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios

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