What is the physical warm-up for? Batteries which is very useful

you may not know yet What is physical warm-up for? and its importance before starting an exercise routine and precisely, that is what we want to talk to you about on that occasion.

Surely you want to start doing various exercise routines that help you stay in shape, lose a few extra pounds or simply to tone your muscles. Regardless of your motivation, you should know that your body needs to carry out a controlled training process, in order to avoid health problems, injuries or become extremely lazy when playing sports.

At Vibra, we want to become your personal coaches and that is why we teach you exercises to increase your buttocks and legs at home; In addition, we show you what is the relevance of physical warm-up prior to an activity and we teach you a couple of exercises that will surely work for you.

What is physical warm-up and what is it for?

Warming up is nothing more than a series of exercises that are intended to prepare the muscles for an intense physical routine, in addition to allowing the joints to gradually reach a level of movement. The idea is that your body is ready for the load of activities, have a better physical performance and thus avoid any type of muscle contraction or fractures.

overall warm up

An almost inevitable routine and very appropriate to start a routine would be to perform a very smooth jog and without great accelerations, in the same place where you are standing. You can accompany this exercise with a gentle lateral movement of the arms to warm up. The ideal would be to do it for at least 6 or 7 minutes.

trunk lean

It consists of placing the feet shoulder-width apart and the legs straight at the knees. tilt your body lowering your back and hips (without bending your knees) trying to touch the tips of one foot with both hands, holding that position for a few seconds. Then change sides to try to touch the toe of the opposite side. Finally straighten the body and try to repeat this action at least 30 times before starting the physical activity.

What is the warm-up for before physical activity?

Another thing that can happen when you start a high-intensity activity, shock or friction, is that respiratory problems can occur. When the body has not warmed up properly, heart problems (such as arrhythmias) and blood oxygenation problems may appear, which usually result in dizziness, vomiting and loss of notion of time and vision for short periods, for no reason you should do high-impact exercise without doing a previous warm-up routine.

calf exercise

This type of coordinated but slow movements allow the calves, knees, heels and ankles to be adequately warmed up. This warm-up exercise is accomplished by having your legs together and your feet planted on the floor. At the same time you must have your neck stretched and your gaze forward. In that position, try to get up on the balls of your feet and stay on it for a few seconds, until you come back down. Repeat this action about 15 times.

Warming of the waist and lower back

This simple exercise is achieved by placing your arms at your waist while you stand up straight. At that moment, begin to gently and continuously rotate your trunk from side to side, trying to obtain the greatest angle of rotation that your body allows. This movement can be accompanied by a lumbar heating; Join your legs, arch your trunk forward and try to touch your toes or the ground on which you are standing. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

What are your favorite exercises to warm up before starting physical activity? We want to know your opinion through a comment. For now, we teach you chest exercises at home, they are very good!