What is the menstrual cup for, what you should know!

If you are interested in starting to use this method, here we tell you what is the menstrual cup for and other things you should know.

Today the menstrual cup is becoming one of the most used methods by women when they have their period. The menstrual cup is used internally and unlike sanitary towels or tampons that absorb, it is responsible for collecting the bleeding of each menstrual cycle. For that reason, it can last inside the vagina for 12 hours or, depending on the menstrual flow of each woman, it can be less time.

What is the menstrual cup for: Do you already know the menstrual cup?

The cup can be used anytime you have your period. You can use it sleeping, while doing yoga or any exercise and even use it when you are in the water. That is why here we share some tricks that you should know when using it and thus be able to get the most out of it.

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How to put the menstrual cup

This is another of the reasons why women fear using the menstrual cup, for the simple fact that they do not know how to use it correctly and more so when it is the first time. That is why in this note that you will find below, you will find a step by step in the simplest way possible in which you can use this practical method that you will love later.

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And you, Would you dare to use the menstrual cup or do you prefer to use traditional methods? If what you want is to learn how to put a tampon? Let us tell you that it is easier than you imagine.