What is the guava leaf for?

It is an ideal remedy to combat several diseases, we tell you What is the guava leaf for? and how to make the most of it.

Guava leaf tea is a natural remedy that stands out for its multiple health benefits. This remedy works very well to combat problems related to the digestive system and even colds.

What is the boiled guava leaf for?

Guava tea is recognized because it helps strengthen the immune system thanks to its high content of vitamin C. In addition, thanks to its properties, this ingredient has an antibacterial function. For this reason, guava leaves are ideal for raising the body’s protection and relieving problems related to arthritis or milder pain related to inflammation.

What is the guava leaf for in the hair?

Guava leaves are ideal for preventing hair loss, especially when this home remedy is used consistently for scalp care. All you have to do is put this infusion from the roots to the ends, let it act for a few minutes and then wash with plenty of water. If you apply this remedy frequently to your hair, you will see the results.

What is the dried guava leaf for?

Guava leaf tea works very well to combat diarrhea, you just have to boil some guava leaves in two glasses with water and rice flour. After letting it sit for a few minutes you can drink this mixture twice a day.

In addition, guava leaves will also help you fight cough. You just have to add a cinnamon stick to the infusion and sweeten with honey to relieve those annoying symptoms.

What are the benefits of drinking guava water?

Guava leaves are high in potassium and fiber which help control blood pressure. In addition, the antioxidants that this fruit has serve to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This infusion also has the power to help you lower blood sugar levels, an ideal remedy for people with diabetes.

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