What is the coffee mask for? Look at this

if you have wondered what is the coffee mask for on the face, we must tell you that this natural product is the new darling of cosmetic brands due to its great benefits.

Although grandmothers and mothers used coffee to drink it, surely they also made them apply it to your wounds every time you fell playing in the street. The truth is that the powers of this product have been the subject of research for many years and now, apart from knowing all its nutritional contributions, we also know that this element could be essential for proper skin care.

So that you learn how to make a coffee and coconut oil mask and in the process know the best benefits of coffee for your face, we show you the following information that you will surely want to apply at once:

What is the coffee mask for on the face?

Masks are the most used method to receive the benefits that coffee would bring for cosmetic care. Before applying any formula on your face, it is best to visit a dermatologist to find out if your skin has any contraindications; You should do the same if after using a product, you notice any adverse reaction. Now yes, we tell you what your skin could gain with coffee masks:

Would naturally exfoliate the skin

Applied directly to the dermis, it could revitalize it, in addition to nourishing it and restoring the softness that it loses over the years and due to the impurities that affect it every day. A good mask would be able to exfoliate the face, eliminating dead cells and achieving a rejuvenating effect that would be noticeable in a very short time. You can make a powerful mask using coffee, yogurt and honey. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply to the face, massaging gently. Only use these products every 15 days.

It would help fight acne

Coffee could be very useful to help remove the oil that clogs the pores and causes, in some cases, acne. Thanks to its full function anti-inflammatoryOwing to its exfoliating power, coffee would help in some cases to effectively control and prevent the appearance of skin imperfections. To make the mask you will need a small tablespoon of used ground coffee, salt, honey, brown sugar and an egg. Break the egg into a bowl and add all the other ingredients there, stirring until you get a homogeneous mixture. Apply on the affected areas and let it act for 10 minutes. Remove using warm water.

It would be a great sunscreen

Within the properties of this product, it would also offer the skin a protective layer against UV rays. Caffeine would block the most damaging glare from the sun and for this reason, you could apply coffee before and after exposure to refresh the skin. Make your own sunscreen using a spray bottle, 2 tablespoons of almond oil for skin, 2 cups of used coffee, and 10 drops of orange, coconut, or vanilla-scented essential oil. Mix all the ingredients in the bottle and spray evenly over the entire skin (not on the face), after using sunscreen.

What is the coffee eye mask for?

Also the eyes could receive all its benefits. Look at this:

It would help reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

The components of coffee would improve blood circulation and prevent the eyelids from losing their elasticity. By having many antioxidants inside, it would help reduce the puffiness of the eye bags and allow the blood to flow through the veins without any obstruction. A good formula is to make some compresses using cold coffee (do it as usual). Soak cotton balls in this drink and put them on the eyelids, in addition to the areas where dark circles are visible.

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