What is the chemistry between two people?

You have felt it, but you cannot explain it. Is it love or lust? That’s why we tell you what is the chemistry between two people and how it works.

Young people call him crush; in the 90s we called it swallow; It is also known as a crush. We are describing those butterflies in the stomach that we feel when we see the person we like.

But when we go to the conquest stage, we can become disillusioned or begin to feel an uncontrollable desire for that person, an attraction beyond all reason, which we call chemical attraction.

3 signs that there is chemistry between two people

if you have wondered How do you know if two people are attracted to each other? Here we share some signs to know it. Take note!

1. They feel desire with just eye contact

According to a study by Texas State University, our body only needs 30 seconds of meeting someone to know whether or not it feels attracted to that person. So if you melt just by looking at him and you feel like he’s feeling the same way, there’s chemistry!

2. They feel too comfortable when they are together

Although you feel butterflies in your stomach, you discover that at the same time you feel very comfortable with that person and he does the same; For example, you feel that they have known each other all their lives and that their bodies are mutually attached, even if it is only in a hug.

3. If they laugh constantly it is because there is chemistry

Do you get a contagious laugh when you’re together and can’t stop? That is a clear sign that there is chemistry, because laughter is the way in which human beings open up to our fellow human beings and show them that they can trust us.

How long does the chemistry between two people last?

It is too relative, since the connection is unique between each couple. You must be alert to each of the symptoms of your relationship and in case you notice variations or lack of interest, take action on the matter.

Tell us, Have you ever felt tremendous chemistry for someone? How have you felt? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks, your friends will love to know this information.