What is soursop good for, other things apart from juice!

If a foreigner asks you, What is soursop used for?surely you are going to say that to have a rich, but it has other hidden benefits.

Loved or hated, with a shape that could well be like that of an alien, soursop arouses all kinds of sensations. Her juice made in milk that has nothing to envy to a healthy strawberry milkshake, delights the palate and hides faculties that few have noticed.

While you eat this fruit, think that its seeds, peel and pulp have very interesting health functions that we are going to tell you about below:

What is soursop used for as medicine?

It is not a generality, but for its high content of vitamins C, A and B, potassium and magnesium, could combat constipation, inflammation of the veins, high blood pressure and hypertension. As we always tell you, before starting home treatments, it is best to consult a specialist.

What is the soursop leaf for?

The leaves of the soursop plant are often used by people seeking extra help for respiratory and circulatory problems, thanks to the content of acetogenins, a substance that would help reduce tumors. Likewise, discretion is suggested with its consumption, as it could cause kidney problems, according to studies by the Academic Unit of Medicine of the University of ZacatecasMexico

What is soursop seed used for?

Continuing with the benefits of this fruit, it is also believed that the crushed seeds, they could be a powerful antiparasitic as a remedy for lice.

What is the soursop peel used for?

In various cases, it is believed that the shell would have the possibility of kill cancer cellsbut there is still medical research by the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), of Mexico, to check if this is real.

What is soursop with aloe vera used for?

It is well known that the mixture of these two products in a skin mask is beneficial for moisturizing it. It would suffice to mix the soursop pulp with aloe vera in a bowl and apply to the face for 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week to rejuvenate the skin.

How should soursop be taken?

Surely you have eaten it with a delicious meringue, but the truth is that you can consume it in different preparations. It does not matter if you ingest it in tea, juices or natural popsicles, any of these formulas is ideal to obtain its health properties.

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