What is mint for? All you need to know

You don’t know yet What is mint used for? Well, you must learn that this plant that you thought only refreshed the throat, has other types of medicinal uses that perhaps you were unaware of until now.

Mint is known worldwide and sold in markets and supermarkets, as its natural properties are well known in the prevention and treatment of some diseases, especially those associated with the respiratory system.

We want to show you the advantages of using rosemary for your body and those that consuming mint could offer you, as well as the easy ways to use it in homemade cosmetic treatments. Take note of this lesson because you will surely want to put these tips into practice soon:

What are the benefits of mint?

People decide to start consuming mint once they find out about the properties that this plant would have. These are some of the advantages that your body would receive, but as always, we suggest discretion and use it under the supervision of a doctor:
– It would improve the functioning of the digestive tract and eliminate gases.
– It would be a good treatment for intense headaches.
– It would help control the symptoms of colds and flu.
– It would refresh the allergic reactions produced in the skin.
– It would effectively combat halitosis.
– It would have anesthetic powers and would work as a natural painkiller.

What happens if I take mint every day?

Although there are those who advise its consumption on a daily basis, the truth is that with doses no greater than 40 grams per drink for four or five days a week, it would be enough for the body to receive all the benefits that the mint plant could provide.

What is the mint leaf for?

You can plant your own mint plant at home and take care of it so that it provides you when you need it. Its composition makes it very important in the body, especially for the respiratory and digestive systems. The leaves of this plant have a very refreshing smell, so are used to clear the airways through inhalations made from an infusion of boiling water and mint leaves. Aromatherapy can also be performed to purify spaces such as the home with its delicious aroma, through its essential oil or with the already popular mint tea.

What is mint in tea for?

Mint tea would be infallible to give the body a greater digestive capacity. Other beneficial uses would be associated with reducing pain, eliminating abdominal inflammation, relaxing the body and sometimes helping you lose weight, because it would give you a feeling of satiety. Make a normal infusion of boiling water with mint leaveslet it rest for five to seven minutes and strain it to drink it immediately.

What is lemon mint good for?

As well as being absolutely refreshing if drunk cold, this combination turns out to be therapeutic. The active properties of mint and lemon are ideal for providing the body with vitamin C, which forms a protective barrier for the immune system preventing respiratory viruses from incubating in your body. Just make the traditional infusion of mint leaves with water, strain it, add the juice of a lemon and drink it hot before going to bed.

What is mint good for on the skin?

Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, a homemade face mask with mint It could become a good remedy to prevent the appearance of acne or fight it if you already have it. You will need to mint, coconut oil and activated carbon. Blend the mint leaves until they have the texture of a paste and put them in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of activated charcoal and one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil, mixing until you get a smooth paste. Apply on the face after washing, doing circular massages for 10 minutes. Bathe your face with cold water finally.

What is mint used for in hair?

Mint could be of great help in making your hair grow faster, stronger and brighter. Make a mixture of distilled water with mint leaves, lemon balm and mint essential oil. Boil the distilled water and add the mixture of all these ingredients. Let it sit for a few minutes and apply to your hair for five to ten minutes and rinse your hair. You can repeat this process for three weeks, doing it twice a week.

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