What is known about the state of health of Jota Mario Valencia

The critical state of health of Jota Mario Valencia has his colleagues at Very good days and many viewers.

And it is that several means confirm that the presenter of Very good days he entered the hospital on Sunday night Bocagrande of Cartagena.

They reported that he was on vacation when felt dizzy and had a headache, for which he entered said institution; there he is hospitalized in intensive care.

Celebrities concerned about the state of health of Jota Mario Valencia

After seeing some hateful messages that circulated on the networks, several celebrities from the national show business sympathized with the presenter and sent him words of recovery…

Hate definitely makes us lose proportions. They treat Jota Mario Valencia as if he had killed someone. Let’s respect the pain of others. We are all going to die. For my part I will pray for his recovery. We weren’t friends but the times we ran into each other he was kind to me 🙏

– Gustavo Bolívar (@GustavoBolivar) June 3, 2019

I propose that everyone in Colombia make prayer chains and have the best wishes for Jota Mario Valencia 🙏

– Felipe Arias (@FelipeArias71) June 3, 2019

God bless you dear Jotica (Jota Mario Valencia) everything will be fine. The little angels take care of you, don’t worry ❤️😘

— Vicky Davila (@VickyDavilaH) June 4, 2019

Speedy recovery for the icon of Colombian television, Jota Mario Valencia. A big hug from a distance.

– Faustino Asprilla (@TinoasprillaH) June 3, 2019

Although it is rumored on social media that he is in an induced comahis ex-wife requested on her Twitter account not to speculate on Jota Mario’s state of health.

However, the Bocagrande hospital announced that it is waiting for the results of some medical tests to issue an official report.

«A multidisciplinary group is aware of his health (…) The important thing is that all of Colombia can unite around the health of Jota Mario Valencia and that he recovers quickly»

Antonio Sagbini, director of the DADIS of Cartagena

Another way to send good energy to him so that he recovers very soon, is to remember the programs that he presented.

With all this, you will be able to realize the importance of this presenter for the history of Colombian television.

Here we share the official medical part:

As reported Time (unofficially) Jota Mario had an occlusion in an artery that supplies the cerebellum, the back of the brain; they did an endovascular treatment to dilute the clots.

Then he presented a hemorrhage, so they intervened to drain the blood accumulated in the ventricles. He would currently be in an induced coma.

Finally, we only have hope for his speedy recovery.

With information from: Time, the trumpet Y Kien and Ke