What is guatila used for, it is not only used in meals!

If you still don’t know What is the guatila for?then it is time for you to know its benefits to help you take care of your health and do not think that it only serves as a daily food.

One of those foods that many Colombians were raised with is guatila. This kind of vegetable or tuber, which many know as «poor man’s potato», could have many hidden powers to help you overcome some diseases. The best of all is that you will get it in any market, you can easily prepare it in home remedies and it will not cost you much money.

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What diseases is guatila used for?

Guatila is known to be rich in nutrients. Also, it contains essential oils such as limonene, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins C and caffeine, substances that could well have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and antioxidant powers. In addition, it would improve blood circulation and prevent cell aging. There are those who claim that guatila would help reduce cholesterol levels.

What is guatila and tree tomato for?

Another of those advantages that fans of guatila seek is that by consuming a daily glass of this mixture, the body would raise its defenses, thus preventing you from getting colds often. Also, this natural remedy would serve to attenuate some effects of liver diseases, although there is no scientific evidence that it can really fulfill these functions.

What is guatila with lemon for?

Much has been affirmed that the consumption of this marriage would prevent some pathologies associated with hypertension and diabetes. In addition, it is usually a home remedy used since the days of grandmothers to control triglycerides and blood glucose levels in a short time. Thanks to the properties of lemon, it would prevent bacterial diseases on the skin. A blend of water, guatila, and lemon juice shaken should be drunk about three times a week.

What is guatila used for on an empty stomach?

The guatila consumed in the morning and in fasting conditions, would serve to regulate the heart rate. When you drink this drink, you could additionally improve the diuresis functions in the body, while cleaning the kidneys and eliminating the so-called fluid retention. Also, it could be ideal for losing weight because it contains 90% water, which is why you would lose calories through urination.

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