What is creolin used for? These are its most common uses

If you have been wondering, What is creolin used for?we must tell you that this chemical substance has more uses than you know and some, you did not even imagine!

Since you can remember, you have surely heard about creolin and how it could have a cleaning effect and even magical canine training to prevent it from peeing around. Well, the truth is that this liquid has some benefits that you do not know and this is the moment for you to know details about creolin that will interest you.

What is creolin?

Let’s go to the basics. Creolin is a natural disinfectant that in many cases is used to clean bathrooms, pipes, rooms and garbage cans, additionally removing bad odors; In addition, it would be a very powerful fungi and bacteria eliminator. This substance is achieved after extracting the dry distillation of the wood, mixed with chemicals such as phenols and natural oils.

What disease is cured with creolin?

Creolin is a product that is often promoted as a remedy to prevent hair loss or cure skin diseases. It is not true that it works to relieve itching from insect bites. Therefore, this substance will not help you fight any disease.

What is creolin for in humans?

First of all, you need to know that you cannot ingest this substance for any reason. It cannot be said that creolin has greater applications in the body, although many think that creolin fights infections, its application directly to the skin is not recommended for any reason.

What is creolin for in dogs?

This is the old classic of every pet owner who wants to achieve that there is no pee or poop in the middle of the room. Well, creolin is a disinfectant that will help you prevent the proliferation of bad odours, bacteria or fungi, in places where your pet has done their thing. Also, it is often said that the smell of this liquid is an inhibitor and repellent for dogs and cats, which is applied with water, on the ground or surfaces where you do not want the animals to relieve themselves. For no reason should you bathe your pet, apply this substance directly or give it to smell, as it can become toxic to them.

What is creolin for in the house?

At home, this is indeed an all-powerful substance because you can use it in any corner you can think of. The mode of use of creolin is usually: dissolve 50% of water and 50% of the product in a cup. It is important that you know that its strong smell can cause choking, dizziness and vomiting, so the areas you cleaned must be well ventilated for a long time. Always handle creolin with gloves and use a mask as much as possible. Creolin will help you disinfect bathrooms, clean walls, remove bad smells from wood and ceramic floors, as well as eliminate fungi on surfaces of any kind.

creolin for hair

There are those who affirm that the application of creolin for the hair would serve to strengthen it and, at the same time, stimulate its growth in a short time. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence to support this statement, so it is best to consult a specialist before applying it to your hair.

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