What happened to this actor from ‘The Kings’ who never appeared again?

Nothing was heard of this character from ‘Los Reyes’, he completely disappeared from the Colombian television screens.

For that reason, now that the novel ‘The Kings’ returned to Canal RCN, many celebrities have been targeted. Although some are still in force, there are others that passed unnoticed, as is the case of Juan Camilo Hernández, who gave life to Mateo, the best friend of Santi Irirarte (Daniel Arenas).

During those years in which the novel attracted the attention of Colombians, some media mentioned that he was a talented young man who had left Girardot at the age of 18 with the dream of being an actor. That’s why his first character was in the novel ‘grilled love’. Which immediately opened the doors for her to the role she played in ‘The Kings’.


However, fame did not last long for Juan Camilo, as he left the screens very soon. The last thing that is known is that he participated in the series ‘Play with fire’ of Netflix, but it is not usually very close to the media.

What novel characters stayed in your memory but no longer appear anywhere?

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