What happened to Jota Mario and Laura Acuña?

They are great friends, so in these difficult times many wonder what happened to Jota Mario and Laura Acuña.

Everyone knows the close friendship between Jota Mario Valencia and the presenter Laura Acuña; It has even been speculated that she has participated less in the RCN channel since the departure of her friend.

Photos reveal what happened to Jota Mario and Laura Acuña

It should be noted that both families are very close, so they usually meet with their respective children.

According to RCN radio, Laura would have put aside her activities in Barú to visit Jota Mario in the hospital where he is being held.

That is why this Bumanguesa made a request to her Instagram followers:

Today, we need you. Help me doing this prayer chain please? ?? … what is asked with the heart and faith, is fulfilled. .


She, like us, and thousands of Colombians, are very aware of the health of this famous presenter.

Let us remember that Jota Mario is hospitalized in Cartagena because last June he suffered apparently neurological problems and I would be in an induced coma.

With information from: pulse Y meter