What happened to Fanny Lu in La Voz Kids?

That is the question that many ask themselves about the dress that Fanny Lu wore in the first chapter of La Voz Kids, because her followers did not like it.

Due to her experience in music, Fanny Lu has participated in all seasons of La Voz and La Voz Kids, stealing the affection of all Colombians. However, there was a detail that attracted attention on social networks and became a trend.

The reason was the short fuchsia dress and colorful shoes that she wore in the first chapter, accompanied by a hair accessory that many considered strange. For that reason, she received criticism from various users on the internet, who even made memes about her appearance.

The closest thing to Fanny Lu’s dress in #The voice Kids pic.twitter.com/c6x0oocA6Q

— Jharoccy (@jaroworld) February 26, 2019

It’s been at least two months seeing Fanny Lú in fuchsia…#The voice Kids
Come on Fanny 🌷 pic.twitter.com/ZrIk56qfLf

— Peripatetic (@JonathanPlains) February 26, 2019



But not everything was bad, he managed to captivate his most faithful followers and even dared to affirm that his outfit was in tune with the program. Well, the colors and that fresh style were consistent with the whole theme related to children.

And you, what do you think of the way Fanny Lu dressed for the first chapter?

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With information from: Candela Estéreo