What does your nose say about you?

Upturned, flat, elongated, columbine… there are many types of noses, but they all have something in common: like Pinocchio’s, they grow when we lie! Read on and we’ll tell you why…

Long nose

People with long noses are prudent, wise, of good heart and honest.Like Pinocchio! Regarding their economy, they do not like to take risks, and flee from any unforeseen change. They are successful in all those activities that require concentration and perseverance.

Small nose

Such a nose does not necessarily imply perfection. Generally, people with a small nose tend to be a bit weak of character and with little personality. They also know how to enjoy life and do not give importance to things that lack it, so They live a less stressful life. They tend to be impulsive and impatient and, sometimes, somewhat capricious.

Big thick nose

It denotes authoritarianism and determination. They are usually energetic and very vital people, and are generally quite original. It also indicates that the person is persevering and has a lot of willpower. Likewise, they are also usuallystubborn and hard to change their mindsand sometimes they are even somewhat selfish.

snub nose

Indicates nobility as well as a insecure and doubtful character sometimes. They are usually people with a notable lack of self-esteem. Respectful and meticulous, sometimes they are overly generous (so much so that sometimes they even neglect their savings). They are always satisfied and happy, but it is very difficult for them to maintain social relationships, especially with their partner.

Small nose

indicates simplicity, something that sometimes even borders on carelessness and lack of interest. Are very good but unambitious people They don’t usually fight too much for their beliefs. They react quickly to adversity and take changes very well, although they lead a rather messy life.

Aquiline nose
Although this may seem unappealing, cgive the face a great personality. They are a symbol of successful social and loving relationships and sensuality. Honest and initiative, they can sometimes become self-centered, stubborn, proud and not very credulous. On the other hand, they are also very funny and affectionate.

bony nose

Are fighters and with high values and very positive convictions. But many times they believe that «the end justifies the means», which is not usually very positive… They are very stubborn and it is almost impossible to make them change their minds.Uncompromising and rigid, they are also very faithful.

Snub nose

They are very stable and peace-loving and harmony. Affectionate, faithful and good companions, they make you feel better than ever at their side. The problem is that they tend to become depressed when they see the balance of their environment threatened. They like to preserve their friendships and have an orderly life. They are also usually conservative, saver and a bit shy.

Classic or Greek nose

It is the one that is born in the forehead and maintains its thickness evenly until the tip. Are excellent conversationalists and they have the ability to observe a fact from different points of view. It is easy to have a good deal with them and, in general, they tend to do well both socially and economically. They can reachbecome important people in lifedespite the fact that they are often quite naive.

Red nose

clown’s nose indicates manhood (It may seem strange, and the truth is that it is quite…). They are people who know enjoy the pleasures of life.