What does your BEDROOM say about your personality?

Scroll down to find out what your partner, friend or parent’s room says about their respective personality.

a minimalist bedroom

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If you have a simple room with plain walls, a bed, a wardrobe and a study table with one or no pictures on the wall, then you have a minimalist bedroom.

This shows that you are conventional, a bit more traditional than you probably think, and control is your middle name. It also shows that you are very focused internally and that expressing emotions is a bit difficult for you.

a messy room

Are your belongings always scattered around the room, even when you have so much storage space? Are the mail, the shopping boxes still there when they should have been in the bin? If this is how your room is, you are often misunderstood as a chaotic person with a devilish attitude.

In reality, you are very empathetic, warm and have a creative streak in you.

The ornamental and glamorous room.

A large room with life-size or colorful décor, fluffy cushions means you are very conscientious. In case your room looks like something out of a catalog or something similar to some Instagram post, then it shows that you are lacking in creativity in some sense and not much interested in different ideas.

However, you are outgoing and a follower of trends. But you don’t let people see the real you while you’re busy putting up a front for others to validate you.

The earthy and artistic decoration.

An artistically decorated room with fairy lights and comfortable cushions indicates many things. One, that you love to travel and even if you haven’t done it yet, you will go places if given the chance.

Second, you don’t care what is and isn’t. Following a trend is simply not in your nature. You love your own space, spending time with yourself, and are very confident in who you are.