What does XOXO mean? I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times

If you still don’t know what does XOXO meanwe want to tell you that it is not an acronym or an abbreviation, but simply an expression that became fashionable thanks to technology.

It is no secret to anyone that technological advances have caused many things to change, including language. More and more young people and people are looking for new ways to communicate and be more fashionable. In one of these new forms of language, the expression XOXO appeared, which is very common in social networks and is a very affectionate way of sending kisses and hugs to those you love.

In case you want to know, what does crush mean?, an Anglo word quite used here or you are interested in getting into the youth wave, then we are going to tell you what XOXO is and the context in which it is used:

Where does the expression XOXO come from?

You might be surprised to know that the expression XOXO was an old way to affectionately and super informally end a letter or note in the United States. This indicates that although nothing new was discovered, the arrival of technology made this way of saying kisses and hugs popular, at the time of ending a communication, an email, a chat or a conversation on social networks. If you ever watched the series gossip-girlyou will remember that the farewell to the series always said “you know you love me XOXO… Gossip Girl”, which is why this expression became very popular.

What does XOXO mean in English?

In its original language, the word XOXO means kisses and hugs. Although in North America this expression is very common, little is known why it represents good wishes for them, but being an idiom adopted there as their cradle, it simply represents a super affectionate farewell

What does XOXO mean in Spanish?

As you can guess, in Latin America this expression also began to be used about 20 years ago. In this part of the continent, it is usually given the exact interpretation of kisses and hugs, derived from its translation from English. Although it must also be said that its informal use is not so common, since it was rather an exclusive matter of conversations through social networks.

XOXO also has a religious meaning

The best option to discover the origin of this word is centuries ago, in the Middle Ages. At that stage, people they used to sign different legal documents with the letter X, since the majority of the population did not know how to read or write. Others affirm that the X means kisses since with this letter the cross on which Christ was crucified was represented, so many Christians kissed the cross. This was coupled with the use of the O to mean hug. It is related to the migration of the Jews to the United States of America because in the past, the Jews who arrived in that country signed with an O, similar to the X used by Christians. But since the X meant Christ, the Jews who could not read or write signed their documents with an O, since this Christian figure did not enter into Jewish beliefs.

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