What does the upside down flag mean, what you should know!

If you want to know what does the upside down flag meankeep this data in mind so that you know its true interpretation.

Although many people use the flag upside down as a symbol of protest, help or as a request for help to the nations. In reality, using the flag in this way has more of a symbolic charge and an underlying political message.

Meaning of the flag upside down, what does it mean?

Many people in Colombia began to use the flag upside down, which immediately aroused the doubts of more than one to know its meaning. In fact, several celebrities from the show business also did it as a symbol to reject the violation of human rights, violence in the country and as a call to dialogue. But what does it mean?

Given the situation in Colombia, I reject any act that violates human rights. I call for NON-VIOLENCE and ask that the right to peaceful demonstration be valued and respected. pic.twitter.com/IuFe7g9Hif

— Radamel Falcao (@FALCAO) May 4, 2021

The international distress signal established and recognized throughout the world is really SOS which means “Save our ship” in Spanish save our ship or also “Save our souls” which means save our souls. Therefore, experts on the subject assured that the Charter of the United Nations does not establish that the head flag has a meaning of help.

On the contrary, flipping the flag in other countries is considered serious, for example in countries like the United States it is prohibited to flip it except to express extreme danger to life or property. In China the case is not very different, since it is considered a crime.

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