What does the color pink mean, much more than just a pastel shade!

If you have always wondered, what does the color pink mean?we want to tell you that far from being a simple pastel shade, it can be relevant in various spiritual and health fields.

When it comes to color theory, pink is pure vibration and luminosity. This tone has been associated with the female gender in various cultures, but beyond simply being the color that girls use to look like princesses, it also reflects things that you may not have imagined. Religion, entities in charge of health and esoteric movements, have it as a favorite color.

In case you want to know more about the lotus flower and its true meaning or you need to understand in depth what the color pink represents, then this article will clear up some doubts:

What does the color rosewood mean?

Although it is not a color that is commonly associated with elemental forces since its hue is not too strong, it is associated with softness and tenderness. Sometimes, this somewhat pale pink color could translate the qualities of femininity, but not because of its delicacy, but because of the association it would come to have with sensitivity and sentimentality, two characteristics that do not make up a generality.

What does the color pink mean in the spiritual?

The shade of pink in the spiritual realm is given a symbology that represents the positive values ​​of the soul and the joy and happiness of the character. From another point of view, the color pink would also have an association with hope and life itself, since the skin and the fertile uterus are commonly linked to this color. In addition, it is a color that, from its vibration, generates positivism and instills security, relaxation and strength of mind.

What does the color pink mean in the mind?

You will be surprised to know that the color pink is also one of the most used shades in the world to combat mental and emotional problems. It is for this reason that it has been discovered that the color pink would be very useful to calm those people who, due to their mental conditions, experience violent episodes. Now, it is very common to see various prisons in Switzerland and the United States that have their walls and common areas painted pink.

What does the color pink mean in the bible?

The Bible, the holy book of Christians, has several passages in which it is spoken from the historical context. For this reason, the symbologies with which it is loaded, place in the pink color important concepts for humanity from the message that God gives, such as union, brotherhood and love. Nor can it be overlooked that the rose is, in Christian iconography, the cup that collects the blood shed by Christ after his crucifixion, his transformation and the symbol of the savior of the world’s wounds.

What does the color pink mean in health?

For a long time now, this color has been used to represent the fight that women and men give against breast cancer. Pink is used as a duality in this case, because it links the female and male sex since anyone could suffer from this disease. On the other hand, pink would also represent the skin, the interior and love, which is why it is also part of the campaigns in favor of survivors of this type of cancer.

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