What does Sara Corrales do to have such a great body?

Sara Corrales recently revealed what she does to have such a great body, look…

The actress Sara Corrales has always given something to talk about. From the beginning of her as a reality show participant Novel Protagonists even one or another controversial romance, everything that this famous person does can become news. Do you remember what it looked like when it started?

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She has always been a mamacita! The truth is that for a while Sara Corrales decided to settle in Mexicowhere in addition to working on television, he has dedicated himself to improving his English and training hard.

Whether you like him or not, something that is undeniable is the amazing body he commands, but how did he achieve it? He recently revealed his 10 secrets to be as you wantlook…

“They always ask me what I do to have a beautiful body. Here goes the answer:

  1. I train 6 times a week
  2. I eat very healthy
  3. I don’t go on extreme diets
  4. I sleep very well
  5. I drink a lot of water
  6. I don’t eat sugar
  7. I do not smoke
  8. I hardly drink alcohol (it makes you very fat)
  9. I don’t eat saturated fat
  10. I am very happy!

Simple, right? Cheer up to join the group of healthy people, of people who live life well!”Sara Corrales wrote along with the photos.

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