What does it mean to dream of witches? Scary!

if you’re wondering what does it mean to dream of witches let us tell you that it is something quite strange that can be very scary.

Dreaming of witches can be something quite strange, it is one of those dreams that at first we do not understand why it happens but let us tell you that it has an explanation. Even if you think it is a nightmare, here we are going to really tell you what it is.

What does it mean to dream of witches?

Witches were characters who were given a good description for their talent for potions and mixtures based on natural products that alleviated different situations. However, over time these heretics were given the name of witches and for that reason they were considered as dark and gloomy beings.

What does it mean to dream of witches looking at you?

It is a dream that could cause you anguish and the truth is that a situation would show that you would experience complications in issues such as work, health or friendships. At the same time, it would imply that your worries are reaching unimaginable degrees and this would cause serious anxiety problems in you.

What does it mean to dream of a witch talking to you?

It is clear that if a witch speaks to you in your dream, this means that there is someone who makes you feel angry and it is time for you to leave those feelings behind. It is time to heal and allow your life to move forward without those regrets that ultimately affect your heart.

What does it mean to dream of witches chasing you?

When witches chase you in the dream, this reflects that complications, worries and obstacles are approaching in your love life. So if you have a partner, it is better that you keep your eyes wide open to prevent the relationship from getting complicated and if, on the contrary, you are not dating someone, it is better that you keep your sentimental situation in this way for the moment.

What does it mean to dream of witches flying?

If in your dream you see witches flying around you, this is a clear example that you have so much energy and strong ideas that very soon you will achieve everything you set out to do. The good thing about this dream is that no matter how complicated it may seem, you are a person who has clear goals in life and that are getting closer to being fulfilled.

What does it mean to dream of bad witches?

This dream can be interpreted in two ways, if you dream that witches attack you but it does not affect you at all, it means that you do not allow bad things to affect you. What will allow you to succeed at work and in your personal relationships. However, if this dream affects you, it means that a person close to you is going to cheat on you, it can be a family member, your partner or a close friend, so keep your eyes wide open.

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