What does it mean if you have Aries as your rising zodiac sign?

Your Rising Sign, also known as your Rising Sign, is in the first house of your birth chart. But while Moon signs represent your hidden self, your Rising sign represents the «mask» you present to others in social situations. This sign is your first impression on people when you meet them.

Your Ascendant is in the zodiac sign that was placed on the Ascendant at the exact moment of your birth. To find your Ascendant or Ascendant sign, you need to know the exact time you were born; otherwise, even drifting a few minutes can give you the wrong rising sign.

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You can calculate your birth chart and Ascendant using a calculator – that’s the best way to determine which Ascendant you have!

But what does it mean to have a sign with Aries Ascendant or Aries Ascendant?

What it means to have an Aries rising sign

Aries is a Fire sign, so if you have this zodiac sign as your Rising Sign, your attitude, appearance, and first impression are good. That means hot-headed, bold, and sometimes seems overwhelming.

Since Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, they aren’t afraid to turn up the heat to win. And since Aries rules the head, they are constantly fired up.

Aries is also a sign cardinal, which means they like to take action. Your instinct is act before thinking. Although they may have a cold disposition, Aries are the ones who bring the energy and enthusiasm to every social event.

To people with Aries Rising they do well in civil service jobs because of their natural authority, such as in the police or as teachers.

People with Aries Rising have a strong and stable presence in the workplace with strong critical thinking skills and work ethic that allows them to prosper.

This rising sign is also competitive, but mostly they put pressure on themselves. They see themselves as winners, and when they lose it’s World War III.

Although any rising sign in Aries can be impulsive and impatient, they are courageous and always up for a challenge.

Due to this dynamic, Aries Ascendant he is most compatible with his fellow Fire Rising Leo and Sagittarius, as well as Air signs like Gemini or Libra.

People born with ascendants in Aries understand power and do not hesitate to launch into the unknown. This sign knows that taking risks is a direct way to level up, both in your personal life and in your love life.

Celebrities with Rising/Aries in Aries: Bette Midler, Shakira, Chris Rock, Jeff Bezos, Jeremy Renner, Morgan Freeman

Aries Rising Personality Traits and Characteristics

1. energetic

People with Aries Rising have constant energy. And this is because they always crave action. In fact, Aries Rising must always be doing something, and he hates to sit still even for a moment.

The worst thing for an Aries Ascendant is to get bored. Because when that happens, prepare for the end of time.

2. Independent

Aries Rising does not depend on anyone but themselves. They hate asking for help and can end up failing because of it, which is one of their biggest negative traits.

However, they are strong, resilient, and can handle anything life throws at them.

3. Enthusiastic

People with Aries Rising are literally the life of the party! They are passionate, excited and really set the mood for any conversation or event they are a part of.

4. Simple

People with rising signs in Aries are not tiptoeing for the truth.

They can be forceful to the point of being seen as aggressive, but they are more focused on winning than what people think of them. They have no filter and count it as it is.

5. Decisive

Aries Rising people take action seriously, so they never waste time being indecisive. They make decisions quickly, sometimes without thinking them through, and then put them into action.

6. Competitive

Because Aries is ruled by Mars and is also a Fire sign, those with an Aries Rising have a need to win.

These people are competitive, to say the least, but they are more competitive with themselves. With them, it’s win or not play.

7. Brave

People with the Aries Rising Sign are courageous, courageous and not afraid to take a leap into the unknown. They take risks frequently, which is why they are considered great leaders.

8. Ambitious

Those with rising signs in Aries are ambitious. They are always working towards their dreams and will not stop until their goals are met.