What does Google mean? Here we tell you the curious answer

We understand you if you don’t know what does google mean. This search engine on the net is the most important in the world but its name turns out to be unknown matter.

When we use the web we rarely stop to think about what happens behind all the information we find there. The internet is fascinating and one of those companies that revolutionized the history of mankind was Google because its technological advances made it possible to democratize access to data and information online. Definitely, our life would not be the same without this search engine because the truth is that it saves us laziness and going to a library.

At Vibra we want to show you the things that you should not do on the Internet in any way and, incidentally, tell you what is the origin and meaning of the company and the word Google:

Google Meaning

The origin of this word dates back to the year 1997. The creators of the company decided to change the name of the company and the search service that was previously BackRub to Google. With this term that would not seem to make much sense, they wanted to acknowledge the mathematical term googol. This is defined as the number 10 raised to the power of 100, that is, a huge number of zeros that represented the computer language used by the search engine and that is based on zeros and ones with the aim of organizing the immense information that can be found. In the net.

What is the origin of Google?

Its beginnings were in 1995, at Stanford University, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin met on campus. These geniuses allied themselves to work from their bedrooms and there, they built a search engine that used several links to determine the importance of each page on the web and that they baptized as Backrub. Later, they were able to catch the attention of Andy Bechtolsheim (co-founder of Sun Microsystems) who gave them a check for $100,000. With this, they rented a garage in Menlo Park, California, which was the first Google office, a name that the company adopted in 1997.

What does Google mean in Spanish?

You already know that Google is really googol. The most curious thing about this word is that in Spanish you can already use the verb to google without any problem to refer to doing a search in this web engine according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). This name became so popular that even the Merriam-Webster dictionary included the term in Google in 2006 and defines it verbatim as «Use the Google search engine to obtain information on the World Wide Web.»

Other Google services

This web search engine is so famous that it already has a portfolio of different apps and services that are really useful. For example, the GPS called Google Maps is widely recognized worldwide to locate you in any city. If you need to manage information online with your work team, you can do it through Google Drive and if you want to have a multiple video call for your work or patch with family and friends, you can use a Google Meet room. Oh, you could also use the text or voice translator called Google Translate to communicate with people in any language.

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