What does crush mean? An Anglo word quite used here

you may not know yet what does crush mean and for this reason, we tell you that it is a word derived from English that is used a lot by young people to interact in their real lives and on social networks.

Now, the term crush has become fashionable, although sometimes we have no idea what they mean by this. This anglicism has its roll and it may be that you are involved in that story without knowing it, either when you talk to someone or at the moment you begin to see that a simple conversation goes further and further without you realizing it.

In the event that you want to know, what does TBT mean?, a very fashionable term in the networks or you want to understand why everyone in networks names the crush for everything good and bad, then we are going to tell you what we know about it:

Meaning of crush

If we refer specifically to the English language, crush would mean to crush or crush, in some cases. But it can also be called a crush, in certain cases, to what we call a special person. This English word has become international in the last decade, since it is very common for young people in the United Kingdom to use it to refer to someone they like, whether platonically or as we would call it on this earth: an impossible love.

What does crush mean in Spanish?

Due to the massification of this term, it also began to be used commonly in the Spanish language. Here, this word acquired the meaning of impossible love or that person who perhaps drives you crazy. It does not mean that if you talk about a crush you are referring to someone with whom you will never have a relationship, since the crush can be a crush at first sight or first chat. This word is often used to mimic the speed of falling in love with an explosion or car crash.

What does it mean to dream about my crush?

If you have started to feel many things for someone and you have not told them, you are in the crush zone. Dreams in this case might not be an exact representation of platonic infatuation with a person, but rather become an alert from your mind to show you that you would be infatuated with some aspects of your life and that it is time to be passionate about what you love. you want to achieve, but taking steps in order to move towards where you want. So that you learn to perfectly interpret each vision you have with that special person, we invite you to read the article: what does it mean to dream about your crush? Passions awoke.

What does crush mean on social networks?

The world turned to digitality and social networks became a new space in which people can flirt. This word is undoubtedly a synonym for crush and maybe you have seen a profile of someone very attractive that you liked. In that case, the virtual crush would have a connotation of attraction or desire, which you can also feel at the moment when you think you have found your soulmate. The best thing in that situation is that you take it easy and learn that this somewhat risky bet could be difficult, so you should not envy yourself so that you do not get hurt.

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