What does Carlos Vargas have with Iván Lalinde?

Much has been said about the relationship between Carlos Vargas and Iván Lalinde, but finally the presenter of «La Red» clarified the rumors.

It turns out that Carlos Vargas was playing the famous «Ask me a question» on his Instagram account. A game that celebrity characters often play on their social networks to share a little time with their followers.

Although the presenter of «La Red» had already answered several questions, it was one in particular that caught the attention of his thousands of fans. «Were you Iván Lalinde’s boyfriend?» It was the question that, according to Carlos, he was asked all the time. To which he responded forcefully «NO! We are very friends. When I had a little depression for a few months, he was one of the friends who was behind me. He would come down to see if I was alright at any time, he had keys and was aware that I was not missing anything”.

In addition, the presenter added that Iván was always a person who inspired him in the world of television, “With him I learned to value many things in life, many things on television. He is one of those friends that you always wanted because you knew that you learned from him, that is Iván Lalinde for me”. In this way, he made it clear that what unites them is nothing more than a beautiful friendship.

How about the response that Carlos Vargas gave to those who romantically related him to Iván Lalinde?

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