What does a man like in a woman? The answer here

If you want to know what a man likes in a woman, science reveals it; but be careful, it only refers to the physical aspect.

What does a man like in a woman?

Scientists at the University of Texas conducted research on what part of the female body do they look at the most the men.

Contrary to what we might think, It is neither the breasts, nor the buttocks, nor the face, no ladies, none of that. So what?

According to the study, published by the journal Evolution and Human Behaviorthe part of the female body that men like the most is…

The lumbar curvature! Specifically, the 45.5°

But where is it? In women, the lumbar curve is the part of the back corresponding to the waist; 45.5 degrees refers to the angle relative to the buttocks.

That is why we use expressions like “hourglass figure” or “guitar body” to refer to some voluptuous women.

Thin or robust, if you have a lumbar curvature of approximately 45.5 degrees, most men will like you.

And what is the scientific reason? Experts indicate that the attraction to this type of female body not cultural, but biological.

since prehistory, such curvature would have allowed women better support when walking, increased ability to tolerate multiple pregnancies and care for offspring.

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With information from: History