What did Shannon de Lima look like before the surgeries?

Surprising images of Shannon de Lima were leaked before being the stunning beauty that would have James at her feet.

In recent days, social networks and entertainment news have been upside down trying to get the scoop on the alleged romance between the Colombian national team soccer player James Rodríguez and the Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima.

What did Shannon de Lima look like before the surgeries?

Well, although the Venezuelan was a slim and tall model, her face was not like the one she looks today and she did not have a very large bust either. To the natural she looked like any girl in the neighborhood, she even looked nice.

And it is that these photographs would be the living proof that nor there is an ugly woman, but without money to pay the plastic surgeon. We are not against surgeries, but aren’t we missing something with so much artifice?

What’s sad is that natural beauty is getting harder to findbecause after going through the operating room many girls, like her, are very pretty, but with very similar faces, as if they wanted to copy a Latin ideal of beauty similar to our naturally beautiful Sofía Vergara.

With information from: News from the Stars