What are beneficial and malefic planets in astrology?

Planets that bring periods of joy are called beneficial planets, while those that often force us to acquire a sense of structure and order are malefic planets.

We all have beneficial and malefic planets in our birth chart.

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During a beneficial transit, we tend to focus and prioritize and even overdo it. Practicing balance is important to get the best out of these planets.

On the other side of the coin, malefic planets can make us feel stressed, exhausted, and conflicted. Malefic transits are required to take us out of our comfort zone. They allow us to evolve, to be more patient, demanding and detailed.

Though they might get a bad rap, malefics aren’t so horrible if we focus on becoming more knowledgeable and self-improvement. These planets teach us how practicing patience takes us one step further.

beneficial planets

The benefics can bring us periods of calm and relaxation when they transit. They can help us become more aligned and open to love and self-care. These are times when we treat ourselves, especially after mentally exhausting transits.


Venus, the planet of love, wants us to experience a little more excitement in our lives. Venus transits can bring romance, passion, and the desire for comfort. This transit can make us feel much more relaxed in the area of ​​our chart that it transits.

Our natal Venus shows us which house makes us express love best. It also teaches us about the dynamics of our relationships, especially if Venus is located in the 7th and 1st house. Taurus and Libra Sun, Moon and Ascendant feel more the power of the transits of Venus, since this is its ruler.


Jupiter in the natal chart shows us in which house we wish to expand our philosophies and ideologies. It is also where we are connected spiritually. This planet rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, both focused on spiritual growth.

Natal Jupiter can gift the native with optimism, assuming he is not aspected by an evil planet. Depending on where you are in a chart, optimistic energy kicks in during Jupiter returns. When Jupiter transits a house, the area in which it moves will cause us to review or learn something new about ourselves, our ambitions, and our future.

Additional beneficial planets

The Sun and Moon are wild cards, but they can have some nice beneficial qualities if they have positive aspects (conjunct, trine, or sextile) to Venus or Jupiter. Mercury can also behave in any way when in contact with a benefic or malefic.

malefic planets

Malefic planets are the heavy hitters. Saturn has to do with growth and restructuring. Mars teaches us where to be more fearless and take control. Both planets contribute to our transformation and evolution.

The outer planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are also in neutral territory and only wreak havoc when they come into contact with Saturn or Mars. When they have strong aspects of Saturn and Mars, they can behave like Malefics.


Mars is a pretty powerful malefic. The planet of war teaches us to be more fighters and seek victories.

In the natal chart, Mars does not want us to be complacent, but to fight for what we want. Whichever house this planet passes through, it will show us the area of ​​our lives where we need to activate this energy. This planet rules Aries and Scorpio, which can make it easier for these signs to handle this energy compared to Libra and Taurus.

Mars wants us to be more assertive in the house it rules or transits. Tools are provided to the native during a transit of Mars in an angular house. We learn how to channel our passions and push ourselves to build our dreams through hard work and focus.


When Saturn is in the natal chart, it can cloud how we see ourselves and what we value. This planet rules Aquarius and Capricorn, so natives with these Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs could navigate the transits of Saturn much better compared to the rest of the signs.

Saturn wants us to get in shape and let go of the fear and anxiety that we might experience in our chart area that it rules. The lessons here are to be consistent, make a plan and stick to it. Being disciplined brings a more manageable energy. Recklessly jumping before thinking can only amplify the problems related to the house.

In general, Saturn will make us mature and teach us the value of hard work. After a Saturn transit, we may be more open to rediscovering ourselves and awakening new passions for our future visions.