What about RCN that can no longer broadcast this program

RCN is definitely in a tailspin, you may wonder what happened now? It turns out that after all this time, she is not going to broadcast the beauty pageant.

The RCN television channel broadcast the beauty queen for 38 years, but this year it will not be like that, it has already been confirmed that the channel will not broadcast the contest.

So far, neither the channel in question, nor the spokespersons for the National contest have officially explained the reasons why RCN will not pass the coronation of Miss Colombia 2018-2019, however, local media have explained that it could be lack of agreement between the parties to carry out the issuance.

The RCN issue was not discussed, but there were statements from the president of the contest, Reimundo Angulowhere he assured that Colombians did not have to worry about anything, that the evening would be broadcast on some channel.

While it is defined which chain will broadcast the contest, the candidates are expected to arrive in Cartagena this Saturday to start the contest that will take place from November 3 to 12.

Girls, RCN is not at its best, this shows it. Do you think there is a cat locked up here or is what is said about the channel and the reign real? Comment at the bottom of the note and don’t forget to share, it’s worth it for more people to find out about this.

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