What a scare so jijuemic (Video)

Being new parents is an adventure, those of us who have the opportunity to be parents have not had it easy and Karen and Pacho have not been oblivious to this type of situation in which our children put us.

It is common to say and hear that children today come with a different chip than ours, that is why they are more daring, daring and adventurous, in addition to being able to not think about fear when carrying out their actions.

In this video they shared Karen and Pacho It was shown that even with so much attention and care, at any moment something can go wrong and give us a scare that makes us think of the worst, but that’s how children are, right?

Karencita and Pacho got a tremendous scare when Simona showed them her acrobatic skills, what scare did your son give you? https:///

Posted by Vibra Bogotá on Friday, January 15, 2016