Wendy Sulca watches a video of La Tetita and reacts like this

After 14 years of going viral for him, the Peruvian Wendy Sulca watches video of the titty and his reaction is priceless.

This young woman earned a place in the hall of fame in 2005 when the video for her song the titty went viral on YouTube, he was barely 8 years old!

Many years have passed and the before and after of Wendy Sulca is really impressive. She is now a very attractive young woman who has turned to more commercial rhythms, such as reggaeton and pop.

Wendy Sulca watches video of the titty 14 years later

Although many made fun of her way of singing as a child (and she even had to overcome bullying), the Peruvian does not deny her past, on the contrary, she laughs at herself.

This was demonstrated in a clip in which she appears reacting to the video that catapulted her to fame; According to her, it had been a long time since she sat down to see it in its entirety.

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