Wear your scarf or bandana in style

In the world this accessory is more than 200 years old and is currently widely used among those men who believe they are rebellious, for women it is an accessory that is synonymous with beauty, freedom and freshness.

Bandanas have never gone out of style. They never disappeared from the collar of jeans and are still used in many countries as political campaign giveaways. They are worn by men and women as a fashion accessory. These scarves are worn around the neck or head. the blogger Leandra Medina he also usually wears them wrapped around his wrist. top model Alessandra Ambrosio and the pop star Rihanna They have been using them for a long time. Bandanas have come a long way in their history.

Interesting facts about bandanas

The word bandana comes from the Hindu word bāṅdhnū. The standard size is 60 x 60cm. And while the first bandanas featured images of important people (the first bandana shows the image of George Washington on horseback), today’s bandanas come in different patterns. They were mainly used on the head and neck. They were also tied to bags. These scarves have never disappeared. In 1800 and 1990 there was as much demand as today. Bandanas invite creativity. These scarves can be knotted in very clever ways. Here are some ways to wear it.

Thanks to this accessory you can make your hairstyle stay in place. We show you three fashionable hairstyles with bandanas.

Roll up and tie the bandana for an on-trend look

Standard version: The bandana is used as a headband. It is carefully rolled up and placed around the head, tying it at the back. This style was very popular with hippies, rock fans and bikers. Can be worn with hair down or up. Our favorite bandana hairstyle includes a bandana at least 3 centimeters wide tied around a wavy mane parted in the middle.

Tip: The ends of the rolled scarf should point toward your forehead.

The classic version: The rolled bandana, if used as a headband, should not be wider than 3 centimeters. Today they are used to create looks similar to the style of the 50s and 90s. The texture and color can add a special note to your look. Hairstyles with bandanas as a headband are perfect to go to a festival, on vacation or to do some sports activity. The most creative women wear them tied in a knot in front of their heads.

The art of the bandana: Rolled bandanas can also be braided with hair to create interesting color effects. You can use several bandanas to combine your favorite colors and tie them before braiding or winding your hair. There are many color combinations and styles!

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