Wave of criticism of Claudia Bahamón for cutting plants to decorate a table

Wave of criticism of Claudia Bahamón for cutting plants to decorate a table. Apparently this was seen as «incoherent».

The renowned molding and reality show host Master Chef Celebritywho has been applauded for promoting through her social networks Caring for the environmentrecently received an avalanche of criticism due to an act he committed and that was considered by Internet users as «double moralist».

Wave of criticism of Claudia Bahamón for cutting plants to decorate a table. Was it very bad?

Well, on his official Instagram account, he shared a video in which he showed how to decorate a table with natural resources such as leaves and flowers from the garden. But although the publication gathered about 30 thousand «likes», this was not very well seen by the vast majority of users of this platform, since the woman from Huila cut some living leaves from the vegetation.

“I would never destroy nature to decorate a table. I’m surprised to see this published by you😮😮😮”, “Please don’t cut the green. 😢”, “That’s called” ending nature! “😢”, “What a pity that your personal interest affects nature”, “Why harm nature?? Doesn’t it hurt when you pluck the leaves? They are living beings just like you.”, “Was it necessary to cut them? 😮.”

Faced with the rain of comments against her, the presenter decided to manifest herself through another publication in which she wrote:

“After being criticized for cutting 4 leaves from some plants to decorate and incidentally being called an incoherent environmentalist. I want to make a reflection for those who do not understand and sit comfortably on the sofa of the signal. I want to make it clear that I will not allow others to invalidate my transition process by pointing out my “flaws”. I prefer to continue committing myself to change, questioning myself and spreading the word, looking for solutions and doing what is in my hands for a better planet, even if it seems incoherent to others, than to remain trapped in the fearful and disastrous indifference!”

Caludia Bahamón’s response to her critics.

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