Watching series as a couple does this to your relationship…

If you are one of those who is watching so many series with your partner that you have already lost count, you have to read this! And if not, too!

Gone are the times when we had to wait 8 days to see a chapter of the canned or novel that we were following; now the platforms that offer movies and television series through streaming, such as Netflix, make life easier for all fans of audiovisual entertainment by allowing let us be the ones who decide when, where and with whom we want to watch TV.

Precisely this last point, that of «with whom to watch television», has drawn the attention of scientists from several universities around the world, who came together to carry out a study on the matter, which they published in the journal The Journal of Social and Personal Relationshipsspecializing in psychology. The topic is very interesting they have always put it in our heads that the television separates coupleswill be?

According to the cited study, entitled We better stay home and watch TV, watching series as a couple improves the relationship instead of separating itas it stimulates dialogue, reinforces the bond between lovers and helps couples share a social identity thanks to the fact that they feel identified with the protagonists of the series.

Not a fan of television? No problem, this study found that it also applies to movies and books enjoyed and commented on by both.

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Tell us, What do you think of watching series as a couple? Do you think that it benefits communication or that, on the contrary, it separates? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on social networks!

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