Watch out for the red dots on your skin!

The so-called red points or ruby ​​points frequently appear after 40 or 45 years. «It is a detail of skin aging not related to the sun and that has a very clear family component,» says Ramón Grimalt, professor of Dermatology at the University of Barcelona and author of the blog ‘Grimalt Dermatología’

The specialist clarifies that these are small capillary dilations due to failures in the vascular system. “It is something similar to what happens in the legs with varicose veins. However, while the varicose veins run parallel to the surface of the skin, in this case the trajectory is perpendicular and small rounded dilations appear”details.

Scientifically, this pathology is called acquired capillary angioma and has a very important family component. Thus, if the father or mother have many red dots, it is very possible that the children will also have them when they reach forty.

Why do red dots appear on the skin?

These usually appear suddenly due to alterations in our body, such as:

Liver and intestinal imbalances

skin aging

During pregnancy (although after childbirth they usually disappear)

Sun exposure without sun protection

bad dietary habits

Anxiety and depression

Sometimes they change color, shape, size, for which it is necessary to go to a specialist doctor, who will recommend a diet rich in vitamins A, C, E and will eliminate refined foods and those with a high content of saturated fats.

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