Watch for these signs: your job may be in danger

If you recognize that any of these things are happening to you at work, pay attention and be prepared.

Losing your job is one of the greatest fears of workers, not only because it means an attack on income, but also because most interpret it as a personal defeat.

The good news is that you can take certain precautions if you anticipate the facts. According to experts, there are some very clear signs that you could be fired:

1. They do not consider you in important decisions. When you’re left out of decisions or left out of news you’d normally be aware of, it’s a sign you could be disengaged, according to Joel Garfinkle, executive coach and author of «The Road to Success: Three Steps to Lead Your Career.» to the next level.”

In this sense, Garfinkle recommends asking your boss or team of bosses what they would like to change or promote, in addition to immediately taking on these challenges with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

two. Your responsibilities are reduced. Unless your boss feels that he has overloaded you with work and wants to take a weight off your shoulders, deferring your tasks to other people, or else, takes away responsibilities to give you bigger and more difficult ones, it is likely that they will want to separate you from you. little of the company. So says Maren Perry, executive coach and founder of Arden Coaching.

Applying for a job opportunity, and making sure your efforts are stellar, is a good option if you find yourself in this scenario. «It’s a good time to go the extra mile and show your initiative and courage,» she says.

3. Your boss is visibly upset. «You don’t think you did something wrong, but your boss is acting agitated and upset?» Body language expert Lilian Glass explains that a boss’s signs of irritation are: taking it out on you, not making eye contact, and walking away from you.

Given this scenario, Perry recommended requesting a performance review and then acting immediately to make improvements. If your company doesn’t have a formal review process, Garfinkle suggests asking managers for more feedback on it.

Four. You have made a big mistake. You messed up and you know it, but all is not lost. “Apologizing and acknowledging the impact on your boss and the organization” is the best option, according to Perry. “Demonstrate a clear path of how you plan to prevent future mistakes and improve overall performance,” she adds, offering to make and stick to an activity calendar.

5. They warn you that your performance is not optimal, even though you do not perceive it that way. This could mean your company is building a case to let you go and avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit in the future, Garfinkle warned. Ask your boss for advice or training, as this can help support your work, in line with his expectations.

6. Your boss’s assistant treats you badly. This behavior, very much from the animal kingdom according to Glass, does not bode well. Perry recommends being proactive and asking your boss for advice on how you can improve your performance and volunteering for projects. If you feel that you will be fired imminently, have a frank and respectful discussion with your superior instead of avoiding the subject.

But if you feel that you can no longer do anything to change things, it is best to focus your energy on looking for a new job.

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