War of divas: Amparo Grisales vs. Alexandra Borrero

Who is right in the war of divas that was armed between Amparo Grisales vs. Alexandra Borrero?

Alejandra Borrero and Amparo Grisales are two of the divas of greater recognition and tradition of the national show business; Precisely for this reason they were invited to the Ideas al Barrio festival in Bogotá to discuss the role of women. They were on stage debating the right or not to compliment, when Amparo made a comment that caused Alejandra to leave the stage.

War of divas: Amparo Grisales vs. Alexandra Borrero

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Keep in mind that Grisales is promoting the hashtag #DerechoAlPiropo, while Borrero leads the campaign #NiConElPétaloDeUnaRosa. After a while, Alejandra returned to the stage.

Although the war of divas that took place on stage apparently ended on good terms, some Internet users have interpreted the following post by Alejandra Borrero on Instagram as a hint to Amparo Grisales.

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