Voyeurism, the charm of observing

The voyeurism It is the erotic pleasure experienced by observing the sexual activity of one or more people. Considering that men are predominantly visuals In Sex, It is much more common for this situation to occur in us.

Anyway, we all have something of a voyeur, regardless of gender, race, culture and age. We like to watch our partner moving or playing with their body, or perhaps we enjoy watching our own sexual act in a mirror or on a video recording. Going a little further, there are couples who enjoy scenes shared with third parties, where there is not always interaction but they do enjoy seeing and being seen by someone –for example another couple- with whom they share the scene.

But of course, everything always within the framework of the agreement between two adult parties who know what they are doing, and to the extent that they enjoy what is happening, they will feel comfortable.

The problem is when someone is not aware. For example, voyeurs – who use binoculars or through a lock – spy on couples who do not know they are being watched, and therefore do not have the possibility of choosing whether or not they are part of that game. And it is even more complicated when the behavior of spying is necessary to have a sexual response. For example, in a conference with colleagues we discussed a case of a man who only got excited when he saw his partner having sexual intercourse with another man.

It is then a dependency with respect to this type of sexual stimulation, which encloses his difficulties since he will not easily find someone who supports that fantasy, and in the face of a different sexual situation he will not be able to respond. It would be different if this scene is just one of many options for pleasure, and as long as it is between adults who agree, we experts have nothing to object to about it.

In short, the eyes are there to look and, within the stated conditions, the enjoyment of the visual in its different forms is one of the main activators of sexual pleasure.

We have to know how to take advantage of the virtues of this sensecombining them with other options of erotic pleasure.

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Source: Discovery Woman

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